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La saga des BD-5J

Entre le 15 mai et le 1er août 2012, 3 nouveaux BD-5J ont fait leur premier vol.Aux Etats Unis...

Carnet Gris

Nous avons la tristesse de vous faire part du décès de Charles Bezard, l'un de nos membres ...


The Olympus engine has been constructed from a single radial compressor and an axial turbine.

The time required for the turbine to spool up and down is influenced by the low mass of its axial turbine wheel - from min. RPM to max. RPM in less than 4 seconds and from max. RPM to min. RPM in less than 2 seconds.

The combustion chamber is of the annular type, which is provided with a unique low pressure fuel system, developed by AMT.

From this same fuel system both hybrid bearings are also lubricated. A separate oil supply for lubrication is therefore no longer necessary.

The turbine is protected by means of a microprocessor controller (ECU) that regulates the maximum turbine performance within the software limits. The ECU is fully automatic and needs no adjustment