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Un nouveau BD-5J vol en France

C'est le jeudi 20 Août, que Nicolas Charmont a réalisé le premier vol de son BD-5J...


The Olympus engine has been constructed from a single radial compressor and an axial turbine.

The time required for the turbine to spool up and down is influenced by the low mass of its axial turbine wheel - from min. RPM to max. RPM in less than 4 seconds and from max. RPM to min. RPM in less than 2 seconds.

The combustion chamber is of the annular type, which is provided with a unique low pressure fuel system, developed by AMT.

From this same fuel system both hybrid bearings are also lubricated. A separate oil supply for lubrication is therefore no longer necessary.

The turbine is protected by means of a microprocessor controller (ECU) that regulates the maximum turbine performance within the software limits. The ECU is fully automatic and needs no adjustment