TJ100 monté sur le Super Salto de Bob Calton

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Un nouveau BD-5J vol en France

C'est le jeudi 20 Août, que Nicolas Charmont a réalisé le premier vol de son BD-5J...

September 2008

( PBS contact : Horák Dušan )

Currently PBS finished large updated Technical and commercial offer including latest operation experience.

You can find updated basic information which could give you more compact view about TJ 100 engine and potentional application possibility in the Download Page.  

Take attention that the engine is very flexible due to digital controlling so that it can be adjusted according different customer requirements.

Also, they are able to modify current design. For different application will be used different conditions and not all of them are specified in enclosed basic information. Means mainly the lifetime.

They have made about 140 pieces in different versions  for many lot of clients from all over the world. Make different versions of this engine as per customer's requirement is advantage of this engine.

Price level is about 41.000 EUR per piece, basis on delivery condition EXW  or CPT Prague airport and payment condition etc... Lead time for regular production is 3 to 4 months after order placing into production and depends on quantity ordered units. 

First application : Bob Carton Super Salto

PBS- TJ100

První Brnenská Strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. - is a manufacturer of:

  • Small aircraft turbojet engines and auxiliary power units,
  • Environmental control systems for aircraft and helicopters,
  • Ground power units,
  • Precise castings for automotive, aerospace and glass industries and healthcare,
  • Complex and completely machined parts of electromotors, alternators, mammographs and wind power plants,
  • Decanting centrifuges for sewage plants, i.e. programs closely related to ecology and environmental protection.

TJ 100 Family

Turbo-jet engines of TJ 100 type are designed as drive unit for MAE UAV and pilot flying vehicles.

Development of this engine was founded in the year 2002, several serial produced version is at present, versions untrue by lengthof output nozzle, fastening foot and by power.

PBS produce TJ 100, TJ 100C, TJ100E, and TJ 100I at power level of 100 daN (225 lbf), TJ 100A and TJ 100S are produced with power of 110 daN (247 lbf).


TJ100 With courtesy of PBS


TJ 100 is single-shaft engine with single-stage radial compressor, annular combustion chamber, single-stage axial turbine, and stationary exhaust jet.
In the compressor intake there is a brushless starter generator, which enables the starting from the board network and power generating in course of the engine operation.
The intake air is compressed in the radial compressor wheel, proceeds through radial and axial diffuser into the combustion chamber, where it is mixed with fuel sprayed by several fuel nozzles. Combustion gases arising in fuel burning in the combustion chamber expand through the single-stage axial turbine and exhaust jet into the atmosphere.
The rotor of the engine is mounted on 2 ball bearings lubricated with pressure oil.

Static Thrust................100 daN225 lbf
Spf. Fuel Consumption...1.2  kg/daN.hr1.2 lb/
Oil Consumption ........180 ml/hr0.16 qt/hr
Electric Power Output ...28 V/800W28 V/800W
Weight - Engine .........16 kg35 lb
Weight - Wth/Access..19  kg 41 lb
Outside Diameter ......272 mm 10.7 in
Length .....................485  mm 19 in
Fuel Consumption ......< 128 kg/hr< 281 lbs/hr
Max Running Altitude ..8 000 m 26 246 ft